Answerman – “Jungle Seed”

I am not sure exactly what the cover art represents. It’s like something out of the depths of hell or at least one of those old “Silent Hill” video games. I intentionally passed right over the “Resident Evil” series, because the original Silent Hill made Resident Evil seem like Micky’s Space Adventure. Enough about the cover art. I am here to tell you about Answerman and their new track and their show coming up this weekend. They will be playing at Church on Saturday with Ghost of Rory, The Stampede, Moca and The McLovins. How can you not want to see a band called The McLovins? Especially when they are playing with Answerman? I simply don’t know. So go to it.

“Jungle Seed” bends its knees reeeeeeal deep; mostly because it needs to do be able to get so down-n-dirty while still retaining its mobility and balance. This song deals in the fuzzy stuff towards the bottom of the register, characterized by crazy-string guitar and bouncy bass. It isn’t dirty per se, but it certainly ain’t clean. The grunge evident in Answerman’s sound isn’t physical dirt, it’s a certain sense of poise and stature that makes this band sound so righteously grimy.

“Jungle Seed” has a repeating four-note motif that is most often articulated by the lead guitar, although the entire rhythm section follows suit. The song really hangs its hat on the motif; recognizing something strong and starting and ending with it. The musical refrain is what sticks in the head after the jingles and jangles are over, and it makes “Jungle Seed” a winner.

The vocals in this track follow the general feel in their direct and to-the-point delivery and concentration on the rhythmic accents in the tempo. The rhythmic accents (ONE two THREE four) follow – you guessed it – the accented delivery established in the aforementioned motif. For all the duct tape and bruises and scars evident in the surface sound of “Jungle Seed” it is, in truth, a pretty classical feat of composition. Even if it has absolutely horrifying cover art.

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